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    Raised on an organic farm, Benjamin was introduced to many of the concepts that support holistic health when he was very young.  Looking back on his youth he is appreciative of the foundation he received.  Young Ben was immature and did not appreciate the opportunities of his youth.  As a young adult, he embraced the modern diet and lifestyle.  Those poor disciplines resulted in poor health.  At 40 he was obese, diabetic, chronically tired and his mind was becoming foggy.

    As a process engineer, his job was to discover solutions and create frameworks that consistently produced the desired results.  Using this approach, Benjamin focused his attention on learning how he could regain his health.  For over a decade he studied and implemented healing disciplines into his own life, learning from each new practice.

    In 2016 Benjamin learned about the most powerful healing practice: fasting.  This one practice was the key that activated all of his other work.  He lost his fat, reversed diabetes, regained his energy, and started healing his mind.  His healing journey was kick-started!  There were many healings, but the greatest of all occurred spiritually.  He unexpectedly met God firsthand and began a divine relationship.  Amazed and thankful, Benjamin knew he had to share what he had learned with others.

    With his passion, knowledge, experience, and skills, Benjamin has dedicated his life to helping others heal their body, mind, and spirit.  He shares his knowledge and wisdom through publications, community messages, courses, and coaching. You can learn more by joining the Heal with Benjamin Community.  Click below to join.

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Heal with Benjamin!

-Unlock Your Healing Ability-


Heal With Benjamin

“Benjamin showed me how to reverse my depression and low energy! My life has really turned around since following Benjamin's coaching.”


Heal With Benjamin

“Benjamin taught me how to tap into my amazing healing powers! I lost the weight and got a clearer mind.”


Heal With Benjamin

“I learned some great information and implemented a few of Benjamin's recommendations. I recommend Fast Healing.”